Outstanding SQ100 plate cutting & brushing machine

Outstanding SQ100 plate cutting & brushing machine

The SQ100 two-piece split-plate edge-brushing integrated machine is one of the new equipment that combines the advantages of our company and specifically develops the processing technology for the dense plate of the lead-acid battery. It automatically completes the process of brushing ears, cutting ears, dividing boards, and brushing the frame to meet the requirements of the industry’s environmental protection development. The high degree of automation ensures the efficiency of the equipment and greatly reduces labor.


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Outstanding SQ100 plate cutting & brushing machine

Brand Name Longwin
Product Name Outstanding SQ100 plate cutting & brushing machine
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Production efficiency 60-100 large pieces/min
Applicable plate size two contiguous plates
Overall power 6.2KW
Certificate: RoHS


Outstanding SQ100 plate cutting & brushing machine

Dimensions L9840X W2050X H1800mm
Overall weight 4.2T
Use air pressure ≥0.6MPa Air consumption: about 15L/min


Outstanding SQ100 plate cutting & brushing machine

1. Equipment layout: linear layout;

2. Staffing: 2 people (1 person on board, 1 person on board);

3. Adopt step-by-step film feeding, so that film loading, ear brushing, ear cutting, plate separation, edge brushing and film closing can be completed continuously, with a high degree of automation and saving a lot of labor;

4. The plate conveying track can be adjusted to adapt to a wide range of grid sizes;

5. The board collecting and finishing station adopts the method of collecting a piece of plate while arranging a piece of plate, so that the whole stack of plates is neat and consistent, and the effect of edge brushing is guaranteed;

6. The machine adopts a sealed structure, is equipped with top and partial dust suction interfaces, and a dust collector at the bottom, which meets environmental protection requirements and saves environmental protection costs;

7. The equipment structure is reasonable, the electric control box is sealed as a whole; the operation is convenient, the operation is reliable, and the energy consumption is low.

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Outstanding SQ100 plate cutting & brushing machine

Outstanding SQ100 plate cutting & brushing machine for two-joint plate
Outstanding SQ100 plate cutting & brushing machine for two-joint plate



Plate manufacturing




LongWin forcus on QUALITY and DURABILITY of VRLA battery and GEL battery on top place, won certificates of CE, UL, IEC, MSDS, Safe sea transport, Non dangerous test…
1. Container/Cover: Made of UL94HB and UL 94-0ABS Plastic, fire resistance and water proof.
2. Negative Plates: Use the special PbCa alloy grids, optimize the recombination efficiency and less gassing.
3. Positive plates: PbCa grids minimize corrosion and prolong life.
4. Terminal post: Copper or lead material with maximum conductivity, enhance the high current rapidly.
5.Vent Valve: Allows the release of the excess gas automatically for safety.
6. Three steps of Seal procedures: Ensure battery completely sealed with safety, never leakage and volatile acid, longer life.
7. Silicone GEL electrolyte: Import from Germany Evonik famous brand silicone.


Our Factory




     HangZhou Longwin Industry Limited owns three major production bases.The total area covers 270,000 square meters.It has an experienced and well-educated  team and our products posses more than 100  patents on electronic technology,battery technology and chemical application engineering.
      We offer OEM,ODM and advanced customization services to meet various needs from different clients.Our products have passed CE,ROHS,SONCAP,UL,ISO and other certifications and are exported to Asia,Africa,Europe,the Middle East,the Americas and other regions.We aim to provide the green,energy-saving and safe electrical energy safety emergency products for global users.
      Professional sales managers and technical engineers provide you thoughful services:short lead time and prompt delivery;3year warranty with worry-free after-sales service.
     No doubt that HangZhou Longwin Industry Limited is your best are reliable business partner!


Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A1: We are a factory more than 20years experience to provide good quality with competitive price.
Q2:How about the delivery time?
A2:Ready sample;7 working days for bulk order after your deposit is confirmed.
Q3:Can you print my logo on the batteries?
A3:Yes, OEM is accepted.
Q4:How many years can be use for battery?
A4:Design life 8-10 years under proper use
Q5:What’s the DOD of your battery?
A5:Depend on how deep you use, when power discharge to 20%, 1200 cycle times; when to 50% –800 cycle times; when to 80% —500 cycle times
Q6:Is it 10HR or 20HR?
A6:4AH to 17AH battery: 20HR, 24AH to 250AH battery: 10HR
Q7: If battery damage,how will you solve the problem?
A7:If there is problem happened , we will gather all the picture and according to your using condition to find out what cause this problem. If it is producing problem, we will replace you the new one in the next shipment.

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